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Staff Editorial :
H. sri Sulistyanto, SE., MSi.
Managing Director
Yusni warastuti, SE. ,MSi .
Editorial Assistant
E. Hesti siswahartiningsih
Editorial Secretary
Editorial Board:
Vincent Didiek wiet Aryanto, Ph.D.
(Unika Soegi Japranata sSemarang)
Sentot Suciarto A., ph.D.
(unika soegi Japranata Semarang)
Dr. Andreas Lako,SE . . Msi.
(unika soegi Japranata semarang)
Jurnal Akuntansi Bisnis
Subject Business and Management
ISSN Number 1412-775X
Yearly Subscription $60.00
Single Article $9.95
Print Frequency Half Yearly
Publisher Universitas katolik Soegiyapranata, Semarang
Publisher Details Pusat Pengembangan & Pengkajian Akuntasi (P3A),
Universitas katolik Soegiyapranata Semarang,
J1. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Bendan Dhuwur,
Semarang 50234 - Indonesia
Friendly URL : www.orientalscholar.com/journal/JurnalAkuntansi