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   Oriental Scholar Portal is a central web hub for Publishers and Users. OS Portal facilitates publishing partners a unique technological front to make their valuable Journals available in an electronic format and increase their reach exponentially. OS Portal helps the Publishers to generate additional revenue from their existing and out-of-print title (Back issues) without any additional investment. Our International user base helps the publishers to build valuable brand awareness that can increase their existing hard copy sales. OS Portal provides absolute control over Publishers Intellectual Property (IP Rights).

   OS Portal is also committed to protecting your intellectual property. The digitization of each work is high quality, and the electronic versions mirror the print versions to maintain book structure and pagination. All texts are presented in their entirety, with the title of the work, author, and publisher displayed with each page view. In addition, every measure is taken to protect your intellectual capital from piracy. All publications are stored in our protected database.

   OS Portal is an indispensable research service for users and a valuable and rewarding revenue source for publishers.

Key Features
  • Unique Business Model to reach more new customer at nil investment.
  • Web Portal Infrastructure - @ free of cost.
  • Easy reach to International customer base of 60 years old Mary Martin Booksellers.
  • OS Portal Provides Separate Publisher Home page access provides On-Line Hard-copy Sales.
  • Publisher Home Page feature provides independent marketing for Publisher.
  • No Maintenance Cost , No Infrastructure Cost , No Human Resource Cost, No Marketing Costs, No System Cost Commitment Free, Only WIN-WIN situation.
  • Freedom to de-list their Journals from Web Access at any time.
  • Global promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution.