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  Managing Publications

   At Oriental Scholar we understand that being able to monitor each stage of your production process, including online production and delivery, is of primary importance.

   Content Management Tracker is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that gives you the ability to monitor when your publications are being prepared, installed and made available on OrientalScholar.com.

  On Line Revenue Tracker

   Publishers can track all their revenue reports on-line. The reports of subscription list for their Publications with an overview of breaking it down into relevant invoices. The publishers count their profit absolutely on-line.

  Usage statistics

   One of the benefits of delivering your publications online is the ability to gain insight information of reader's behavior. This information can be extremely useful for strategic planning purposes. Oriental Scholar collects extensive usage data by title and by institution/user. Using an interactive interface, publishers can interrogate data, aggregating it for an overview or breaking it down into layers of detail. You can view usage over selected time frames to draw out trends and patterns.