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Oriental Scholar Portal consists of three kinds of Subscriptions.
  1. Sole Access
  2. Bouquet / Bundle Access
  3. One Time Access
  Sole Access

   If an user wants just to subscribe to your journal alone. This method can be used to augment your subscription revenue, by selling online access of your journals along with your existing hard copy subscriptions to your current subscribers.

   Sole Access Subscribers can access, read and download thro their given restricted IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Subscribers are bound to Subscription Policy (See Annex: Subscription Policies). OS Portal provides reports on Usage, feedback, new subscription/sale reports on every month to Publishers. This Subscription is totally controlled by Publisher (Publisher Friendly Subscription).


   Say your annual subscription price is $ 60.00 Including Delivery Charges for Hard copy. You can offer Hard copy + Online access to Institutions at $ 120.00 per annum. Hence the effective Online Price comes to $ 60.00. Our commission would be $ 24.00 (if you provide your articles in electronic format) or $ 30.00 (If we have to convert the hard copies to electronic format).

   At a user base of say 500 subscriptions - a conversion of 300 to online access would net you an additional income of $ 9000.00 without any investment on your end.

  Bouquet / Bundle Access

   In this method of access, your journal would be provided as part of a bundle of journals in your subject area. This method of access will increase your subscriber base, as institutions which might not purchase your journal otherwise, will have access to it and will increase your exposure in the academic world hugely. In this method of access, you set a floor price, you expect for your journal.

  One Time Access

   Users can buy for download an article/Book/Dissertation for their private use.


   You can set a price for each articles for one time purchase. This is mainly targeted at individuals, who cannot afford a whole year access or do not want to buy access to all the articles of the journal. They can buy the article of their choice and we shall provide them a authorized download, so that they can use the article for their private use.

   This method keeps your IP rights intact as well as providing the users a legal way of accessing your journal articles. The sharing of the revenue is also based on the way the article is provided to us.

Subscription Components Details
Access IP address range/Password Protection.
Price Structure Fixed by Publishers.
Back Issues Access Publishers Choice.
Reports to Publisher Subscription Reports, Usage Reports and Download Report.
Document Conversion Charges

Incase of Electronic Content of Journal not provided by Publishers. OS Portal has to convert Hardcopy to suitable electronic format. This will add 10% more revenue Share to OS Portal.

Revenue Share 1. 50% to Publishers & 50% OS Portal on Effective Sale Price.
2. 40% to Publishers & 60% OS Portal on Effective Sale Price in-case of Document Conversion done by OS Portal.